Case Study/Success Story
Apprenticeship and the Future of Nursing: An Equity-Based Strategy to Address the Bachelor’s Degree Gap

New America Center on Education and Skills

Health Care
About the Casestudy

Nursing apprenticeships have the potential to open a pathway to the bachelor’s degree that is more effective, and more equitable, than just providing financial aid to nurses to go back to school on their own time.

Publication Date
Sept. 6 2018

Fairview Health Services has partnered with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) to set up a Registered Apprenticeship program for nurses in need of bachelor’s degrees.

For Fairview’s registered nurses who only have an associate degree, the apprenticeship program provides an opportunity to earn the degree with almost no out-of-pocket costs, continue working full-time, and connect classroom learning to daily on-the-job experience. The program has enrolled 122 apprentices, making it the largest program of its kind and one of just a handful of Registered Apprenticeship programs nationwide that culminate in a bachelor’s degree.