Becoming the United States of Opportunity: The Economic Equity and Growth Case for Apprenticeships

New Jersey Institute of Social Justice

Population / Age / Demographics Served
People of Color, People with Disabilities, Women
About the Report

How an equitable state-wide apprenticeship program can strengthen the economy and advance economic opportunity.

Publication Date
Sept. 6 2018
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A state-wide apprenticeship program in New Jersey can strengthen the state's economy and advance economic opportunity by connecting residents—particularly women and people of color—to living-wage careers.

This report by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice:

  • Makes the case for economic equity and growth in apprenticeships
  • Provides recommendations for the state of New Jersey in implementing a state-wide program, and 
  • Provides a blueprint for starting a federally-registered apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship programs can be incorporated into nearly every industry, can be designed to assist dislocated and displaced workers in connecting with new career fields, and can help people who face structural and other barriers connect to employment.