How Nontraditional Technology Training Providers Can Strengthen the IT Talent Pipeline



This report examines effective approaches nontraditional technology training programs take to become trusted providers of IT talent.

Publication Date
March 29 2019
Cover - NTTPS_Strengthen_IT_Pipeline

Through internships, apprenticeships, and other exposure to the workplace, nontraditional technology training providers (NTTPs) are actively positioning themselves as competitive talent solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow’s IT workforce. This report examines what approaches NTTPs are taking that resonate with employers when designing competitive, employer-trusted pathways to employment.

"If we can get [employers] people with coding experience and [who] have proven to be really effective in that work environment, everybody wins."

This report was funded by the generous support of as part of JFF’s Apprenticeship Awareness and Expansion Initiative. The national initiative expands apprenticeship and other high-quality, structured work-based learning programs through on-the-ground technical assistance and a resource and communications campaign. It was also funded by the Department of Labor’s H-1B TechHire grant program.