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Listeners of this podcast will learn findings from New America's Youth Apprenticeship in America Today report.

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In recognition of National Apprenticeship Week, please listen to Job for the Future's (JFF) Center for Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning for our inaugural podcast, Youth Apprenticeship in America Today.


With the growing national interest in apprenticeship and other forms of work-based learning, New America’s Center on Education and Skills led a project to answer some key questions about the possibilities and challenges of connecting more American high school students to apprenticeship. 

JFF's Eric Seleznow is joined by Brent Parton, Deputy Director of the Center for Education and Skills at New America, to preview their new report Youth Apprenticeship in America Today, along with  JFF Senior Advisor Nancy Hoffman, Co-Founder of JFF's Pathways to Prosperity State Network with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, to provide her thoughts and reflections on the report and the current state of youth apprenticeships in the U.S.