Case Study/Success Story
Pre-Apprenticeship Partnerships at CVS Health: An Employer's Perspective
Benefits to Participants & Returns

This rapidly evolving approach of using pre-apprenticeship training partnerships in targeted communities—Houston and Dallas are featured here—to attract and train new and diverse pharmacy technician apprentices opens new opportunities for underrepresented participants, while addressing the company’s workforce and business goals.

Notes / Takeaways

Demand for workers in the highly skilled role of pharmacy technician outpaces supply in some areas of the country. To address this gap, CVS Health has begun developing pre-apprenticeship programs in order to diversify its talent pipeline and build a pool of trained, qualified applicants ready to enter its apprenticeship programs.


The report details the work of CVS Health, an experienced employer-sponsors of apprenticeship programs in nontraditional occupations.

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Publication Date
Nov. 9 2018