Pre-Apprenticeship Partnerships at CVS Health: An Employer's Perspective

This case study focuses on CVSH’s pre-apprenticeship training partnerships in Texas, and illustrates many of the key attributes that drive a successful partnership.

Publication Date
Sept. 15 2017

For over 10 years, CVS Health (CVSH) has addressed the issue of recruiting and retaining technical talent, in part, through the use of apprenticeships. This track record makes CVSH among the most experienced and active employer sponsors of apprenticeship programs within nontraditional occupations in the United States. CVSH has begun developing pre-apprenticeship programs in order to diversify its talent pipeline and build a pool of trained, qualified applicants ready to enter its apprenticeship programs. CVSH’s pre-apprenticeship programs align with the company’s talent needs and attract diverse participants that match its customer base.