Case Study/Success Story
Work-Based Learning in Action: Opportunity for Youth Meets Business Opportunity—Wegmans & Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection


Population / Age / Demographics Served
Young Adults, Youth
About the Casestudy

Over a quarter of the Wegmans workforce are high school- and college-aged students. Wegmans recognizes that the success of these young workers translates into company success, and it has translated this into its training investments.

Publication Date
June 1 2018

Work-Based Learning in Action is a series of case studies highlighting effective models of work-based learning. This case study is part of Walmart’s work with JFF, Making Work-Based Learning Work for Retail, and covers companies that have implemented valuable work-based learning programs that provide lessons for employers creating or redesigning their own retail work-based learning program.

Wegmans, a regional supermarket chain, is one of the largest private companies in the US, with 47,000 employees. Over a quarter of the Wegmans workforce are high school- and college-aged students. Wegmans recognizes that the success of these young workers translates into company success, and it has translated this into its training investments.